Hillsborough High School Debate attends four conferences annually, each usually is four days and three nights in duration. The conferences run by our pals at the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs have been the primary destination for us over the years; we now attend of their three annual conferences -- either the Rutgers University Model United Nations in November or the Philadelphia Model United Nations in February/March, and the Rutgers Model Congress to end our debate year. Each year, the club rotates between one additional long-distance domestic trip:

2011-2012 - Vanderbilt University Model United Nations in Nashville, TN    
                       and Duke University Model United Nations in Durham, NC
2010-2011 - Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco, CA
2009-2010 - Virginia Area Model United Nations in Charlottesville, VA
2008-2009 - Duke University Model United Nations in Durham, NC
2007-2008 - Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium in Montreal, Canada
2006-2007 - Vanderbilt University Model United Nations in Nashville, TN
2005-2006 - Berlin Model United Nations in Berlin, Germany
2004-2005 - Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco, CA
2003-2004 - Bath Schools International Model United Nations in Bath, England

Position Paper Format

Conference position papers must summarize your country's or representative's policies and hopes for each given issues. A good position paper will be clear, factual, and closely related to the information you find in research and receive from your committee chair. Position papers are essentially problem-solution essays, divided into three parts:

A.  Introduction: Problem
        1. Background of issue
        2. Positions of major blocs, countries or political parties
        3. Action already taken on the issue by the United Nations/Congress
B.  Body: Summary of your perspective (how it relates to your country or state)
        1. Factual information showing connection between who you represent and the issue
        2. Description of how possible solutions might affect who you represent
C. Conclusion: Solution
        1. Description of your goals at the conference
        2. Specifics on what type of legislation you would like to see passed


  • Times New Roman 12 point
  • 2-3 pages double spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • Header as follows (notice the bold):

    (For UN)
    Pete Zaria (France)
    Hillsborough High School
    Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

    (For Congress)
    Pete Zaria (NJ-D)
    Hillsborough High School
    House Ways and Means

    Followed by the issue centered on the page, in bold and underlined:

    Alternative Energy Sources

Conference Dress Code

    Blouse w/ skirt
    Slacks w/ nice blouse
    Dress shoes (not open-toed)
    Avoid lace and colored stockings
    No perfume
    No costume jewelry

    Dress shirt/tie/slacks
    Suit with tie
    Dress shoes (no sneakers, loafers, or moccasins)
    Black or dark navy socks
    No jeans
    No hats

    Traditional black, navy blue, or gray work
    No fluorescent colors

    *Bottom line - look professional*

    Casual wear for downtime:
    Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers are all acceptable.

        No clothing with vulgarity or references to alcohol, drugs, or sex