U Thant Award

The award is named for the third secretary-general of the United Nations, a Burmese diplomat who served two terms. It is a writing award, given for preparation of outstanding position papers and resolutions, utilizing considerable research and forethought.

1998 Shiva Nagaraj
1999 Myralyn Supetran
2000 Heather Leigh Mitch
2001 Will Dempster
2002 Katie Zobre
2003 Scott McIsaac
2004 Ben Salvito
2005 Tiffany Huang
2006 Stephen Dee
2007 Liz Schultz
2008 Ken Lin
2009 Josh Casto
2010 George Alukal
2011 Ben Romano
2012 Tom Klein
2013 Brandon Acosta
2014 Harsh Agarwal
2015 Scott Lowry
2016 Anthony Jakuboski






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