Trygve Lie Award

The award is named for the first UN secretary-general, a Norwegian diplomat who served two terms. It is given to the student most knowledgeable about the countries of the world, and topical issues.

1998 Yee-Fan Chiang
1999 Heather Leigh Mitch
2000 Brian Coyne
2001 Ravi Kaneriya
2002 David Anerella
2003 Robbie Venezia
2004 Julie Gendrano
2005 Andy Glaser
2006 Joshua Pikulin
2007 Denise Yu
2008 Chris Werner
2009 Samir Doshi
2010 Bertrand Wang
2011 Jack Werner
2012 John Kral
2013 Sonali Alluri
2014 Jay Westreich
2015 Justin Leszczynski
2016 Rea Rustagi


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