Boutros Boutros-Ghali Award

The award is named for the sixth UN secretary-general, an Egyptian with a long association with international affairs as a diplomat, jurist, scholar and author. It is the coaches' special recognition award.

1998 Rohan Gupta
1999 Gina Brigante
2000 Adam Gold
2001 Robb Roscoe
2002 Sean Hemmings
2003 Janelle Gendrano
2004 Stash Kinigopoulo
2005 Dave Schwartz
2006 Nick Bottenus
2007 Chris Werner
2008 Bertrand Wang
2009 Jack Werner
2010 Justin Fanders
2011 Salah Shaikh
2012 Carter Post, Sidharth Ghoshal
2013 Matt Marino
2014 Mira Wattal
2015 Gabi Hartman
2016 Melissa Sun



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