Paul Gubitosi "Chairman of the Board" Award

As a former football player Paul used to joke that Debate should have an "Iron Man" award for the person with perfect attendance, and at first the Gubitosi award was designed to be just that. Paul's bizarre knowledge of and affection for Frank Sinatra led to its second name, "The Chairman of the Board." But as we have reflected on Paul's character, leadership and huge personality, this award evolved to something far more important. It is HHS Debate's highest award.


2001 Adam Gold
2002 Kyle Brownlie
2003 Tyler Strauss
2004 Mitch Beard & Dan Halverson
2005 Janelle Gendrano
2006 Chris Guida & Keith Young
2007 Jonny Pelter & Nina Jankowicz
2007 Lenny Haas
2009 Chris Werner
2010 Garrett Otrimski
2011 Eric Wang
2012 Ben Romano
2013 Aman Thakker
2014 Tom Klein, Carter Post
2015 Katharine Ello, Jay Westreich
2016 Mira Wattal



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