Kyle Brownlie Award ("The Shaft")

This award is given to the student whose strong performances at the year's conferences went criminally unrecognized, something that happened repeatedly to Mr. Brownlie.

2002 Justin Hemmings
2003 Sean Hemmings
2004 Todd Zubatkin
2005 Chris Guida
2006 Ben Salvito, Nina Jankowicz, Pete Skeele, Denise Yu, Kelli Beard, Kathleen Connolley, and Emily Winchatz
2007 Tami Faddish
2007 John Skeele
2009 George Alukal
2010 Emily Gagliardi
2011 Alex Toke
2012 Elizabeth Skeele
2013 Aaron Rosenbaum
2014 Ben Klein
2015 Jay Westreich
2016 Rakesh Senthilvelan




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